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Mother wants to use frozen eggs of her dead daughter

A mother is launching a legal battle for possession of her dead daughter's frozen eggs so that she can become pregnant with her own grandchild.

In what may be the first case of its kind, the 59-year-old woman and her husband (58) are challenging an independent regulator's refusal to allow them to take the eggs to a New York fertility treatment clinic.

The couple say it was the dying wish of their daughter, an only child who died of bowel cancer in her late 20s, that her eggs be fertilised by donor sperm and implanted into her mother's womb.

The daughter initially had her eggs frozen after being diagnosed with cancer in the hope that she herself could have children in the future, but lost her battle for life.

The couple's daughter was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 23 and chose to freeze and store three of her eggs at IVF Hammersmith in West London in 2008.

She completed a form which gave consent for the eggs to be stored for use after her death, but crucially, failed to fill in a separate form which indicated how she wished the eggs to be used.

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