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Mother's fury at 'killer' artwork

A decision to display a graphic painting depicting the killer of a schoolgirl just 10 miles from her murder site has sparked anger from her mother.

Rebecca Oatley was 15 years old when she was lured into a secluded woodland by former boyfriend Joshua Davies before being beaten to death in October 2010.

Less than a year ago Davies was sentenced to a 14-year custodial term - with the 17-year-old described as "pure evil" by his victim's family.

However, Miss Oatley's mother Sonia said she had been left further distressed after finding out her daughter's killer had been the subject of a controversial new artwork on display at the national Eisteddfod in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Four images at the centre of the row are part of a series of 18 works called "People I know, people I used to know and people I'd rather not know" - by artist David Rees Davies for an exhibition in the art tent.

One artwork shows Joshua Davies - with the word "Cariad" displayed on his forehead - the Welsh word for lover. Another appears to depict Miss Oatley - who was also known by the surname Aylward - with blood coming from her head.

Her mother Sonia, of Maesteg, told the Western Mail she was "appalled and disgusted".

In an angry letter to Eisteddfod organisers, Ms Oatley, 50, said: "For many years my family have supported the Eisteddfod and were planning on coming to your event on Thursday. Can you imagine mine and my children's reaction if we had come face to face with this disturbing image of my child's killer?

"It is so recent after the event - only last week it was the first anniversary of his conviction. I feel like going down there and throwing a pot of red paint over it."

Eisteddfod officials said they had been unaware of the paintings' subject matter prior to them going on display and they have since been covered up. The artist said while he had not sought to cause upset to Miss Oatley's family, his installation had been "deliberately ambiguous".

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