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Motorists admit jumping the lights

Motorists are driving through red lights at the rate of 278 a minute, a survey has shown.

As many as 14% of drivers admitted going through an average of two lights every month, found the poll by insurance company Direct Line.

And 2% said they habitually jumped the lights if they felt the road was clear and there was no traffic.

The poll of 2,020 adults also showed that 9% of motorists do not reduce their speed when approaching amber lights, with 4% accelerating to try to race through.

Drivers in the West Midlands appeared to jump the lights the most, with 19% admitting passing through red signals in the last month.

Motorists in the east of England seemed to be the most law-abiding, with just 9% confessing to jumping the lights.

Andy Goldby, director of motor underwriting at Direct Line, said: "Motorists who play Russian roulette at the traffic lights are putting their own and other road-users lives at risk.

"Motorists involved in an accident if they pass through a red light will automatically be deemed at fault for a collision. They could also face higher car insurance premiums at renewal if they have points on their licence."


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