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Moyles 'walks out' on new host

New breakfast host Nick Grimshaw made a surprise solo debut after Radio 1's Chris Moyles abandoned him in the studio live on air.

He had been a guest on the flagship show to chat about his appointment but Moyles and his team played a prank by walking out, leaving the new boy muttering: "This is so cruel."

And Grimshaw revealed he almost blotted his copybook just as he was about to be given the job by telling station controller Ben Cooper he "just can't function in the morning".

The 27-year-old was announced as the new breakfast host shortly after Moyles told listeners he was moving on after eight and a half years fronting the show. Party boy Grimshaw said the last few hours had been "surreal" as he got to grips with landing the biggest job at at the station.

But when he was called into a meeting with "big boss Ben" on Tuesday, he had feared he was facing a reprimand. "When I went for the meeting at 9.30, which is early for me, I went into the meeting and I was late and I thought I was going to be in trouble. My agent knew and said it's not trouble.

"And I went in and said I'm really sorry I'm late Ben, I just can't function in the morning. And he went (sighs) 'OK' ..." Cooper has said that he wants Grimshaw to present the programme on his own, and move on from the "zoo" format of Moyles's show in which his production team play a large part.

So outgoing host Moyles - who will quit the show in September - put him to the test by walking out of the studio with the rest of the crew, leaving Grimshaw to fill the airtime alone. "Everyone's gone - this is not a hilarious on-air radio gag," he said.

He said Moyles had taken him for a drink and invited him on telling him they would have a "really nice morning together". He told listeners: "I've only been up for 20 minutes. This is cruel, really cruel."

Grimshaw is known for his posse of celebrity pals and Moyles joked that his successor's guests during his first week would be Lily Allen, Alexa Chung, Miquita Oliver and Harry Styles from One Direction - all from his circle of friends.

Grimshaw was a surprise choice to many, with drivetime show host Greg James expected to be the next breakfast host. Moyles joked about the apparent snub by referring to him as "Greg 'crying-on-his-holiday' James". But Grimshaw said he already received a text from the presenter - for whom he is sitting in on the 4pm show this week - about his new gig.


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