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MPs to decide on hunt changes - PM

David Cameron says MPs will have the final say on proposals to increase the number of hunting dogs allowed to be used to flush out foxes.

The Prime Minister was responding to calls for him to end speculation that the Hunting Act might be repealed or amended to remove the limit on the number of dogs.

Campaigners have been pus hing the Government to scrap a ban on using more than two dogs to flush out foxes so they can be shot, with farmers saying attacks on lambs have increased.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Cameron said: "T his will quite properly be a matter for the House of Commons.

"As you will know, what has happened is a group of Welsh and other MPs have looked at a particular problem of pest control in upland areas of Wales and other parts of the country.

"They are making a proposal. That proposal will be properly examined by the department and in the end the House of Commons will be able to decide."

He was responding to a question from Labour's Chris Williamson (Derby North), who asked: " Will you end the speculation over the future of the Hunting Act by confirming that you don't intend to use a statutory instrument to repeal or amend the Act by removing the limit on the number of dogs that can be used to flush an animal to guns?"


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