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MP's wife wants EU referendum now

The wife of a Conservative MP frequently the subject of exchanges at Prime Minister's questions came out of the sidelines and called for David Cameron to be tougher on Europe.

Jennie Bone's views on a number of issues have become well-known after eurosceptic husband Peter, MP for Wellingborough, got into the habit of couching questions in the Commons based on what "Mrs Bone" believes.

The parliamentary aide stepped out of the shadows to give a television interview alongside her husband and insisted she was "cool" about being mentioned so often in the chamber.

"I think it is a bit of fun that's serious as well," she told Murnaghan on Sky News.

"I have never met the PM yet actually, which is quite interesting considering he does mention me quite often so maybe, one day, if he is watching, maybe one day we'll get to meet."

"I certainly wouldn't want the PM's job because he gets slated from different quarters," she added.

Mrs Bone, who works in the constituency office for her husband, said the three biggest political issues were Europe, immigration and the economy.

"Europe is a big issue and we would like the PM to come out a bit stronger, we would obviously like a referendum now not later on."

The couple discuss politics "24/7", Mrs Bone said. "I basically put him right on things where he is going wrong."

Presenter Dermot Murnaghan ended the interview by telling Mr Bone: "I think we will have her back, maybe not you."


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