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Murder accused ‘took a lover after wife’s death’

A man accused of killing his first wife in a planned car accident took a secret lover within months of her death, a court heard yesterday.

Malcolm Webster took Caroline McIntosh out on the yacht he bought shortly after Claire Morris's death as well as spending a weekend with her in Inverness.

They also spent one evening a week at the remote cottage Webster shared with Ms Morris, she told the High Court in Glasgow.

But the couple never ventured into Aberdeen together and only Ms McIntosh's mother and brother-in-law knew about their relationship, the jury heard.

The relationship began in September 1994 — almost a year after Webster wed Ms Morris in September 1993.

It ended when Webster left the country for Saudi Arabia, telling her he would come back, but she never saw him again.

Advocate Depute Derek Ogg QC also suggested there would be evidence that Webster was also in a relationship with another woman at the same time.

Mr Ogg asked Ms McIntosh: “If you were to learn he was in a relationship with another person at the same time as you, would that come as a surprise?”

She replied: “No. He seemed to have a lot of female friends.”

Webster, who is accused of killing Ms Morris in Aberdeenshire in May 1994 and pocketing more than £200,000 from insurance policies after her death, also appeared to have “a very affluent lifestyle” for someone on a nurse's salary, Ms McIntosh said.

She told the court: “We never talked about money but he had a

Range Rover, which I presume was very expensive, and a yacht, which I presume was very expensive.”

The court has previously heard that Webster bought the yacht and the 4x4 car shortly after he received the insurance money.

Webster also made a colleague feel “uncomfortable” when he watched a romantic film with his head on her lap.

He invited Patricia Malcolm for supper at East Cattie Cottage in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, and suggested they watch romantic comedy Truly, Madly, Deeply.

As they watched the film — about a woman whose partner died — Webster stretched out over her and put his head on her knee.

She said the message of the film was that “the partner should move on and live their life they way they want to”.

Ms Malcolm said Webster also invited her to his yacht— which he moored at Largs in Ayrshire — but she refused, telling him she got seasick.

Webster denies killing Ms Morris by drugging her, and then deliberately crashing a car she was in before setting fire to it.

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