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'Mystery' man identified

Police have identified a mystery man found sleeping rough with no memory of his name or where he was from.

The man was found in the Cleethorpes area of North East Lincolnshire around September last year and gave his name as name as David Thorpe, or a first name of Tony, and his date of birth as October 5 1955.

He said he thought he was from the Rotherham area of South Yorkshire, but was not sure and he could have connections in Blackpool.

He told officers he suffers from a disorder called dissociative fugue, which is often connected to some form of traumatic experience and can cause loss of memory.

Police have not confirmed how much of the detail is correct but said they have received a call from a relative of the man which, after inquiries, positively identified him as being from the South Yorkshire area.

A police spokeswoman said: "Following a number of calls made to police since the media appeal was launched, officers have been able to establish a positive identity for the man.

"Officers would like to thank the public for their many calls which greatly assisted in this investigation."


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