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Nestle launches nut-free Walnut Whip range – and Twitter goes nutty

Walnut Whip was launched in 1910.

Nestle is launching a nut-free range of its classic Walnut Whip in a move that has angered some chocolate lovers.

The firm claims the vanilla, caramel and mint varieties will offer consumers more choice.

But many were unhappy the confectioner had tinkered with one of its oldest brands.

Consumer journalist Harry Wallop tweeted: “It’s worse than Trump. Even if you don’t like walnuts, a walnut whip clearly has to have a walnut. Or otherwise we all might as well give up.”

Hannah Muirhead agreed, writing: “Never really been a walnut girl but I feel removing them from the walnut whip truly is the beginning of the end for society as we know it.”

Nestle were quick to reassure fans the Walnut Whip is not being removed from sale.

A spokesman said: “Walnut Whip remains on sale alongside our new vanilla, caramel and mint versions that represent an expansion of the range.

“This means there is something for consumers wanting to try something new as well as for long standing fans of our century-old walnut product.”

Some sweet-toothed Twitter users welcomed the move. One, using the handle Big Steve, wrote: “For 40 years I’ve picked off the wallnut & Thrown it away! At long last a decent choice made.”

Walnut Whip was launched in 1910 by Duncan’s of Edinburgh and is one of Nestle’s oldest brands.

Alison Clinton, a brand manager at Nestle, said: “We are very excited to bring these new additions to Walnut Whip. These new products will offer consumers more choice enabling them to share their favourite products with their family and friends.”


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