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‘Neurotic’ sufferer cured of cancer in UK medical first

A single mother has been cured of cancer in a first operation of its kind in Britain.

Ruth McDonagh had terminal cancer but on 13 occasions doctors failed to diagnose her condition.

The woman, from Enfield, north London, had bowel cancer but was branded ‘neurotic’ by doctors.

But following a 13-hour operation, the 47-year-old woman is said to have been cured of the disease after surgeons removed a tumour at Leeds General Infirmary.

Ms McDonagh told the Sun newspaper: “I was terminal. I was written off as dead. I can’t believe I’ve been given another chance to go on living and being a mother to my son.

“I am angry at the fact it took so long to diagnose me. I think the sad fact is that the NHS is under too much strain financially and the doctors were reluctant to take me seriously because of my age. But if they had given me a blood test or a colonoscopy four years ago I would have saved them thousands.

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