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New 'cuddle pill' could reduce number of break-ups

Researchers have revealed that a proposed pill containing chemicals that enhance and inhibit certain hormones could lower the number of divorces and relationship break-ups.

The tablet, dubbed the ‘love pill’ if developed would contain ‘cuddle chemicals’ oxytocin and vasopressom, hormones that are naturally occurring in high levels at the beginning of a relationship.

When a couple get together, pheromones, which trigger attraction and emotional response and testosterone to boost libido and increase sexual desire are in abundance but after a number of years, the levels drop which could be contribute to break-ups, say the researchers.

In 2010 there were 2,600 divorces in Northern Ireland, an increase of 600 on the previous year.

Researchers looking into the love drug believe that if they make a pill that contains the CRH (corticotrophin-releasing hormone) the bond between couples could deepen by creating a fear of separation.

Furthermore, entactogens, found in drugs MDMA and ecstacy would, in lower doses, improve connection and sociability by creating a feeling of openness and desire for closeness the researchers stated.

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