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New doctors' first day is linked with deaths rise

By Ella Pickover

Thousands of junior doctors will start their new jobs today - a day which has been known as "black Wednesday" in the past because it has been linked to higher death rates among patients.

Studies have previously linked the first Wednesday in August, the day when freshly-qualified doctors arrive on hospital wards, to a rise in deaths.

It also coincides with a changeover in the training schedules of junior medics who have already been working.

Reports suggest that mortality rates rise by around 6% as new trainees start work and others change rotations.

A new poll of junior doctors already working in hospitals across the UK found that the majority do not feel as though they have enough time to care for patients.

Of the 1,000 training medics polled by the Medical Protection Society, 70% said they feel as though they do not have enough time to give patients the care they need.

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