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Newborn 'suffered brain damage when mother put him in toilet'

A newborn baby suffered brain damage when his mother tried to cause "harm" by placing him in a toilet bowl, a family court judge has concluded.

Mr Justice Keehan heard that the little boy, now one, had been left deaf and had very poor eyesight.

The judge, who analysed the case at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in Birmingham, ruled that the youngster should be placed into council care.

He said, in a written ruling, that the plan was for the little boy to live with foster carers. He said the woman would be able to stay in touch.

Social services bosses had asked Mr Justice Keehan to make decisions so that plans could be made for the little boy's future.

Police investigations had begun, said the judge.

The woman said she had given birth on the toilet - and had not realised that she was pregnant.

But Mr Justice Keehan did not "accept" her account.

He concluded that she had sought to "harm" her baby and to "hide" his birth.

The judge said he thought that she had probably given birth then placed the baby in the toilet bowl and pressed the flush.

No-one involved was identified in the ruling.

But the judge said the woman was Polish and said the toilet block had been at her workplace.

He said he had heard evidence from some of the woman's work colleagues as well as medical evidence.


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