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Newcastle 'is students' top city'

Newcastle is the UK's top place to study, a poll has found.

The northern city rated highly for its shops, pubs and restaurants, transport links, facilities and community, according to more than 46,000 student reviews.

Salford was considered the worst place to study.

The study, conducted by, asked students to review 62 university towns and cities based on five criteria: going out, shops, transport, community (such as safety and student population), and facilities (including gyms, libraries and parks).

Newcastle scored an overall rating of 64%.

Ten places shared second place with scores of 62% each. These were Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Exeter, Brighton, Leamington Spa, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Oxford and Cambridge scored 60% and 56% respectively, while Salford, in last place scored 48%. co-founder and director Simon Thompson said: "These results reflect the recently growing popularity of Newcastle upon Tyne as a place to go and study, not just because of its academic qualifications, but because it is a very lively town to be a student."


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