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NHS staff praised as many walk through snow and stay overnight to provide care

Patients and co-workers have taken to social media to praise NHS staff who have camped in hospitals to provide care during the extreme weather.


NHS staff have been soldiering on amid the bad weather (Peter Byrne/PA)

NHS staff have been soldiering on amid the bad weather (Peter Byrne/PA)

NHS staff have been soldiering on amid the bad weather (Peter Byrne/PA)

NHS staff have been praised for walking for miles in the snow and sleeping overnight in hospitals to continue to care for patients.

Britain is experiencing severe weather conditions including snow, strong gales, blizzards and rare freezing rain.

But many medical professionals have not let that stop them from caring for the sick in hospitals up and down the UK.

Some were helped by members of the public who stopped in 4x4s to offer staff lifts into hospitals, while some companies offered the use of their own vehicles and drivers.

Workers at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow have posted about their experiences on the staff Facebook page.

Helen Watson said: “I was working the night shift on Tuesday and drove home to West Lothian but left home again at 3.30pm to come in for the night shift.

“Not everyone has made it in but everyone is doing their best, walking, sharing lifts and even sleeping over to make sure they are here for patients in the morning.

“You don’t go into the NHS to get any reward; it’s because you have a passion. We need to put patients first.”

Jon McClure, lead singer of Reverend And The Makers, tweeted: “My Dads a 65 year old Nurse and is walking miles to get to work today thru heavy snow where he lives.

“Nothing will stop him. He proper loves and believes in the NHS bless him.”

City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust wrote on Facebook: “Can you believe many of our amazing staff are sleeping in the hospital tonight so they can care for patients tomorrow?! We’ve got your beds ready for you peeps.”

Donna McHenry tweeted: “Just home – thanks so much to my husband for walking over to collect me!

“Massive thanks to all of our staff @MonklandsHosp, many staff covering additional shifts and staying overnight in the hospital tonight! Stay safe everyone!”

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde director of human resources Anne MacPherson praised staff for their efforts to come to work.

She said: “We are greatly impressed and appreciative of the efforts made by our staff to care for patients in the most challenging of circumstances. This has happened all over the board area, in our hospitals and community settings.

“All our clinical and non-clinical teams have been working behind the scenes to keep our services running.”