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No camp unveil 'Project Fact' paper

The UK Government's anti-independence information campaign has entered its final phase, with a 52-page summary it has labelled "Project Fact".

The document - which has the official title United Kingdom, United Future: Conclusions Of The Scotland Analysis Programme - summarises more than 1,400 pages of analysis and the opinions of hundreds of experts and organisations on what a separate Scotland could mean for individuals, businesses and other organisations.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has dubbed it "Project Fact" - a reversal of Better Together's unofficial nickname "Project Fear".

He said: "People need to be informed about the consequences of the Scottish referendum. That's why we have undertaken the most rigorous and comprehensive analysis of Scotland's place in the UK ever attempted.

"You might call it 'Project Fact' - over 1,400 pages of analysis citing hundreds of independent experts and organisations.

"The conclusion is clear: almost every aspect of life in Scotland is enhanced and improved because we are part of the UK.

"That's why we will share these conclusions with people in Scotland through the UK Government's public information campaign, with a booklet going to every home in Scotland over the next few months."

The findings will be further summarised in the booklet, which will be mailed out to every home from next week at a cost of £720,000.

The paper includes "1,400 pages of analysis compared to one page of costings in the Scottish Government's White Paper", and fiscal projections over 20 years "based on independent forecasts, rather than the Scottish Government's optimistic internal forecasts for just one year".

It also includes "costed policies, rather than the Scottish Government's unfunded commitments", and an analysis of Scotland's currency options "showing that none of the alternatives would work as well as using the pound as part of the UK".


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