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No knockout blow as George Osborne and Dennis Skinner go head-to-head

George Osborne has been warned not to knock himself out of the Tory leadership contest by the Beast of Bolsover.

The Chancellor was blasted by Dennis Skinner for his interventions on Labour's contenders during Treasury questions in the Commons.

But Mr Osborne quipped both he and Mr Skinner were set to get the Labour Party they had both wished for.

Mr Skinner said: "Haven't you got a bit of cheek to be constantly using question time to attack the Labour leadership election when you are involved in an election yourself.

"Every time you open your mouth, it's directed at Boris Johnson and the Home Secretary (Theresa May). Don't you realise the Home Secretary has already knocked him out with the water cannon?

"Just remember some of us are watching this contest very carefully - be careful you don't knock yourself out."

Mr Osborne replied: "What you fail to understand and the Labour Party fails to understand is you cannot stand up for working people unless you create a strong economy.

"I would only make this observation - you have a Labour Party you are very happy with now, and so do I."


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