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'No-go areas' could clear streets

No-go areas could be brought in to clear the streets in a bid to give police the tough powers they need to tackle future riots, the Home Secretary has said.

Theresa May said she was considering whether more general curfew powers were needed to help prevent a repeat of last week's rioting, looting and violence.

Victims will also be given the chance to speak out as ministers said the Government would be establishing an independent communities and victims panel to ensure those caught up in the trouble "can have their voice heard".

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also said looters will be forced to wear orange suits and help to clean up areas hit by the disturbances as part of "riot payback schemes".

The panel will not be the full inquiry demanded by Labour leader Ed Miliband but was intended to be part of a "grassroots process" to establish what happened, Mr Clegg said.

"We don't want a grandees committee, we want a grassroots process where people in the communities affected and the victims who have been so damaged and hurt can give their views about what needs to happen to ensure it doesn't happen again," he said.

Mr Clegg said he wanted the panel - to be chaired by an independent figure - to work quickly, producing a report to be presented to the leaders of all three of the main parties within six to nine months.

And as David Cameron toured Tottenham in north London, where the first riots broke out 10 days ago, Mrs May suggested existing laws to prevent individuals from entering specific trouble spots may not be tough enough.

She said: "At the moment the curfew powers are specific in terms of individuals and attached to individuals and it's whether more general powers are needed.

"In the fast-moving situation that we've seen over the past week, I think we need to make sure the police have just got all the powers available to be able to use them as and when they are necessary."


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