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North Korea ambassador summoned over 'provocative' ballistic missile test

North Korea's ambassador has been summoned to the Foreign Office and warned about the country's "provocative actions" following a ballistic missile test.

Choe Il was called in and told that North Korea's actions "threaten international peace and security", a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.

The ambassador was told to convey the message to the government in Pyongyang in "the strongest possible terms" following the February 11 launch.

The action follows a condemnation of the launch by the UN Security Council, which warned of "further significant measures" if Pyongyang does not stop nuclear and missile testing.

The Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "The UK fully supports the UN Security Council's strong condemnation of North Korea's recent ballistic missile launch.

"Today, in summoning the North Korean ambassador, we have made clear that the actions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea were in direct violation of multiple resolutions, are a threat to international security and that such dangerous and destabilising activity must stop.

"We urge North Korea to stop its provocative actions, which threaten international peace and security, and instead re-engage with the international community, and take credible, concrete steps to prioritise the well-being of its own people instead of the nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

"The ambassador was asked to convey this message to Pyongyang in the strongest possible terms."


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