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Northern areas braced for downpour

Almost two weeks' rain is expected to fall in parts of Britain tonight into tomorrow, forecasters have said.

Pockets of northern England, Wales and Scotland can expect up to 40mm of rain before the morning - with isolated patches of moorland high above sea level expected to get up to 80mm of rain during that time.

The average rainfall for much of the country during February stands at just less than 100mm, meaning the overnight downpour will represent almost half that total in just a few hours.

But it is not expected to compare with the sorts of rainfall which have caused havoc in parts of southern England in the last two months, where homes have been evacuated and transport networks brought to their knees as flood water surged.

Met Office forecaster Krista Mitchell said: "A band of rain is heading over England, Wales and Scotland tonight into tomorrow, but it will fragment into the morning.

"The heaviest rainfall will be over the highest ground. People can expect 30-40mm - up to 80mm on higher ground - the average being 98mm for the month of February."

The forecaster said there would be some showers heading into the week, with strong winds, but would not compare with the conditions earlier in February.


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