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Nurse admits killing four-year-old daughter after sacking

A nurse has admitted stabbing and killing her four-year-old daughter days after she was sacked from her job for leaking details of patients to her boyfriend who worked for a personal injury claims firm.

Dawn Makin, who also attempted suicide after pretending for a year that she was going to work when she had in fact been suspended, appeared in court in a wheelchair yesterday to plead guilty to manslaughter.

She had originally been charged with murder but the plea was accepted on the basis of diminished responsibility as she was suffering from an "abnormality of mind" after being fired for selling information to Martin Campbell, who has pleaded guilty to breaking the Data Protection Act.

The body of Chloe Burke was found at the family home in Bury, Greater Manchester, in February last year. Ms Makin, 35, was lying unconscious nearby having cut her wrists and drunk a liquid thought to have been anti-freeze or bleach.

Ms Makin was bailed to remain in Rochdale's Birch Hill Hospital and is next due to appear in court on 30 August.

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