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A policeman entertained a pub crowd with a karaoke classic after being called in to deal with a brawl.

Sergeant Jon Harris belted out Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive while in full uniform to cheers from drinkers at Glasgow's Waterloo Bar.

Mr Harris was called to the Argyle Street pub on Wednesday evening following reports of an alleged assault, and a 23-year-old man was arrested. The policeman later agreed to take to the stage and a senior officer has credited him for "helping defuse any simmering tensions".


A wipe-clean fiver will "stand the test of time", just like Sir Winston Churchill, whose face adorns the banknote, the Governor of the Bank of England said.

Unveiling the full new design for the £5 at Sir Winston's birthplace on Thursday, Mark Carney paid tribute to the wartime prime minister's "bulldog spirit" and his part in British history.

He said: "This spirit is just one, only one, of his many contributions that the Bank commemorates with the new fiver."


Seventy-two new emojis have been approved to be added to the rapidly expanding icon-based language.

On the list of new designs is 'rolling on the floor laughing' or ROFL as the kids used to call it, a runny-nose face, two fist bumps, a black heart and everyone's favourite superfood - avocado.

At the centre of the playful-looking icons is actually an approval system run by the Unicode Consortium. This group reviews and approves the designs for new emojis, adding them to the standard list and then making them available to app developers to add to their own libraries.


A Pittsburgh man who robbed a bank with a fake bomb made out of phone wires, duct tape and a sex toy has been sentenced to up to three years in prison.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports an Allegheny County judge sentenced 36-year-old Aaron Stein on Tuesday after rejecting requests for leniency, including house arrest. The judge said he could not tell the community Stein's case warranted only house arrest.

Stein pleaded guilty in March. He said he robbed the PNC Bank in Crafton last June because he was desperate after losing 9,000 US dollars he had invested to pay for his approaching honeymoon.


Stuart Cleary set out in late 2014 to paddle solo from Australia to New Zealand. But in the end, it was his homemade kayak that completed the journey on its own.

Just hours into the trip, Cleary's kayak started taking on water, and he was forced to abandon the vessel before being rescued at sea. Eighteen months later, the kayak has washed up on a New Zealand beach close to where Cleary had intended to arrive.

Nathan Marshall said he was taking his dogs for a run on Muriwai Beach on Wednesday when he found the barnacle-encrusted kayak. He was hesitant to look inside, worried he would find a body. Cleary said he'd travel to New Zealand to have a look but, this time, he'll take a plane.


A Florida man who threw an alligator through a drive-thru window was sentenced to a year of probation after throwing himself at the mercy of the court.

Twenty-four-year-old Joshua James told the judge he is sorry he threw the alligator through the window at a Wendy's last October. He said he found the nearly four-foot gator by the side of the road and meant to play a prank on a friend at the restaurant.

James was initially charged with offences including assault with a deadly weapon. But no one was hurt by the gator, which was captured and returned to the wild. The Palm Beach Post reports that James entered an open plea on two misdemeanors.


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