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Olympian Aimee Fuller hits airwaves to cheer on medal history


 TV commentary: Aimee Fuller

TV commentary: Aimee Fuller


TV commentary: Aimee Fuller

She may have missed out on the finals, but Northern Ireland snowboarder Aimee Fuller helped bring some of the most exciting and spine-tingling sporting commentary of the Winter Olympics to UK living-rooms.

The north Down boarder helped give viewers a final to remember, as she joined in the heart-on-sleeve TV commentary of Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood.

The pair had had time to warm up their patter from the opening ceremony and in the men's competition they came out with some brilliantly odd phrases.

Samples included: "That was a grab, I thought it was more of a tickle."

"If he was any smoother he would melt." "That was a nice little slap there, that would have felt amazing."

But when Britain's Jenny Jones' turn came, the pair, joined by Aimee, really let their hair down.

The 22-year-old Bangor woman may have suffered a nasty fall, but hadn't lost her enthusiasm.

As Jones descended on her final run, you could hear the tension; they were willing her to complete it. "I can feel my pulse in my lower intestine," Leigh said. Aimee just made noises.

Then the score showed she was in the lead. And the sound engineer would have no doubt winced at the "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Woooooaaah! Aaaaaaargh!" from the trio.

Leigh just managed to convey the score – "87 point... uuaargh yeah!... She's in the lead, she's in the lead!!" – while Aimee carried on whooping. As it became clear that Jones was going to make the podium, bedlam once again ensued.

"I think I am going to cry," Aimee said, sounding exactly like she was about to cry.

"You can cry," Leigh said, reminding everyone that it was the first British medal on snow.

If only all commentators were as enthusiastic.

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