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One in five newlyweds has marriage regrets within year

Newlyweds may not be living happily ever after, with one in five admitting they had some regrets about getting married within the first year of their big day, a survey suggested yesterday.

The poll found 20% of 16 to 54-year-olds looking back at the first 12 months of their marriage felt they had occasional or many regrets.

Nearly one in five (17%) revealed their first year of marriage was more difficult than expected.

Almost half (47%) of divorcees quizzed admitted they had regrets about their union within the first year.

Asked why, 27% of respondents claimed it was due to the fact they “got married because they felt they had to”.

Men experienced this more with 43% of regretful husbands admitting they felt marriage was something they had to do.

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