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One in four cyclists have had bike stolen, says survey

More than a quarter of cyclists have had their bikes stolen and one in seven has been a victim of theft in the past two years, according to a survey.

Each stolen bike was worth an estimated £377 on average, but almost one in 10 cyclists have lost bikes worth more than £1,000 to thieves, the survey for insurer Protect Your Bubble found.

It found 28.4% of cyclists have had bikes stolen, with those aged 25 to 35 the most likely to fall victim to thieves.

Bikes are most likely to be stolen from people's back gardens (16.2%), front gardens, garages, and garden sheds (all 11.9%), outside shops (9.4%) and from work (7.6%).

Just 2.9% of bikes are stolen from train stations and only 4% from communal hallways in flats.

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