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Online anti-cuts campaign set up

Hundreds of bloggers, tweeters and online activists are meeting as part of a campaign to fight the Government's cuts in public spending.

Campaigners from unions, community organisations and tax justice groups will discuss ways of forming a "progressive online movement" to fight the cuts.

The event, at the TUC headquarters in London, will include how to spread campaign messages through social media and blogging.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "This groundbreaking event at the TUC will bring together hundreds of committed campaigners to share knowledge on ideas on how best to tackle the Government's programme of spending cuts.

"2011 is going to be a horrible year. Cuts in services are now beginning to bite and there will be few people who do not feel their impact.

"But this could be the year when the campaign for change really gets going, and online campaigning is going to be essential part of showing that there is a genuine alternative to the cuts, and in winning public support for change."

Clifford Singer, campaign director of new anti-cuts website False Economy, said: "Last year saw great advances in online activity in the UK, with left wing blogs increasing dramatically in popularity.

"This has combined with high profile campaigns against Government policies like cuts to science funding and increased tuition fees, successes against the far right in the May election and high profile direct action against tax avoiders on the high street."


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