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Osborne disagrees with Boris speech

George Osborne has moved to distance himself from Boris Johnson after the London Mayor suggested society is unequal because many people have low IQs.

The Chancellor said he did not agree with everything Mr Johnson said and stressed the importance of education to spread opportunity.

Delivering the Margaret Thatcher lecture last week, the Tory mayor appeared to mock the 16% of "our species" with an IQ below 85 and urged more action to help the 2% with an IQ above 130.

Hailing greed as a spur to economic activity, he asserted that inequality was essential to foster the spirit of envy.

The intervention drew a sharp response from many quarters, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg attacking Mr Johnson's "unpleasant, careless elitism".

Asked about the speech on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show this morning, Mr Osborne said: "I would not have put it like that. I don't agree with everything he said.

"I think there is actually increasingly common agreement across the political spectrum you can't achieve equality of outcome, but you should be able to achieve equality of opportunity.

"You should give everyone, wherever they come from, the best chance, and, actually, education is the key to this."


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