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'Our guilt over killer's rampage'

The family of mass killer Derrick Bird have spoken of the guilt they feel over the atrocity.

In their first television interview since the shootings on June 2 last year, the wife and three daughters of Bird's twin brother David - who was also gunned down in the rampage - tell of how they constantly feel the need to apologise to his 11 other victims and the wider community of West Cumbria.

But they add the tragedy has brought them closer to the killer's sons, Graeme and Jamie, who they say are "hurting like everybody else".

Taxi driver Bird gunned down David at his farmhouse in Lamplugh before later shooting dead his brother's best friend, solicitor Kevin Commons, outside his home in Frizington.

Bird, 52, then headed into Whitehaven town centre in his grey Citroen Picasso people carrier and blasted colleague Darren Rewcastle in the head at close range at the taxi rank where they worked.

He then drove out to the countryside on the warm summer morning and picked off his other victims at random before taking his own life in a secluded wood.

Speaking to ITV, David Bird's wife Susan - who was separated from her husband - said she instinctively knew his twin was responsible for his death when she learned of the shootings.

"I just knew it was Derrick because (of) David talking to me the week before it all happened," she said.

She continued: "You know when you have the gut feeling...I was phoning David, it was just going to answer machine because by this time I knew it was Derrick. I thought the one person that would stop him would be David.

"I don't think anybody, anybody would have known it would go to those extremes."


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