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Overweight people are 'ridiculed and judged'

By PA Reporter

Being insulted by shop assistants, ignored by bar staff, left out by friends, mocked by passers-by, ridiculed by the opposite sex and photographed by teenagers are part of the frequent humiliations overweight people face, according to research.

Up to 40% of the 2,573 slimmers questioned in the Slimming World study said they faced some form of judgment, criticism or humiliation at least once a week.

It included young people winding down car windows to shout abuse, fellow passengers refusing to share a seat on public transport, men in nightclubs feigning romantic interest and teenagers taking pictures or videos on their phones.

Even being a paying customer did not stop comments on food choices from supermarket staff, laughter from shop assistants when asked for clothes in a bigger size, and feeling humiliated as bar staff served slimmer customers first. Weight discrimination does not motivate people to lose weight, the study found.

Instead it left 47% of people feeling ashamed, 41% depressed and 30% like they were useless.

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