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Paolo Nutini ‘told police officer he drunk vodka before driving home’

The singer is accused of driving while more than twice the legal limit on February 21.

Singer Paolo Nutini told a police officer he drunk vodka in a pub with friends before driving home, a court has heard.

Pc Laura Murray said the 30-year-old was “very apologetic” and “realised he had done wrong” following his arrest at his home in Paisley, Renfrewshire, earlier this year.

Mr Nutini is on trial accused of driving on various streets in Paisley while more than twice the legal limit on February 21.

It is alleged he drove with 48 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, exceeding the 22 microgrammes limit.

The New Shoes singer denies the charge. His lawyer Massimo Franchi said his defence is “post-incident drinking”.

Pc Murray told the first day of the trial at Paisley Sheriff Court she was called to Canal Street towards midnight on February 21 to a report of a car being driven by someone who had allegedly been drinking.

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The car was no longer there when they arrived but they went to an address where they found a grey Mini and Mr Nutini, who they had been told was the driver of the vehicle.

Pc Murray said she told Mr Nutini he would need to do a breath test.

Fiscal Depute Frank Clarke, prosecuting, said: “Did you ask when his last drink was?”

She replied: “He said it was ten minutes before police arrived.”

The police officer told the court Mr Nutini tested positive for alcohol and was then arrested and taken to Govan police office for a further test.

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Asked whether he spoke during the journey, she said: “The accused was speaking freely in the back of the car stating that he had been at DeBeers that night watching football with friends and consuming alcohol. He said he had been drinking vodka with friends.”

Mr Clarke asked: “Did you remind him he was under caution?”

She replied: “Yes, he was very apologetic, saying he realised he had done wrong and was stupid for his actions. He said he had driven his car home that night as he was fearful of leaving it in the town centre area in Paisley as it might get damaged.”


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