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Paramedic 'refused to respond'

A paramedic refused to help a women thought to be pregnant who was vomiting and feeling dizzy because he was near the end of his shift, a care standards tribunal has heard.

Edmund Daly, a London Ambulance Service team leader at the time of the incident, also said it was "dangerous" to respond to the emergency call because his crew were "very tired".

Daly was about to complete a twelve-hour night shift and he wanted to "finish his shift on time", the Health and Care Professions Council was told.

As a result the woman was forced to wait for about 90 minutes before she was taken to hospital.

At the hearing today a panel was told how on May 29 2013 at 5.25am Daly was asked to answer an emergency call for a 43-year-old woman in Kingston who was vomiting, dizzy and thought to be suffering complications from a pregnancy.

Presenting officer Simon Walters told the hearing: "During the conversation at 5.25 the registrant questioned the emergency call being allocated (to his crew) and explained that in his opinion they could not do the call because there wasn't enough time to attend the patient and finish their shift on time.

"In particular Mr Daly made reference to the fact they had not had a break during their shift.

"Despite reminding Mr Daly that there was a patient at the other end of the line he continued to refuse.

"As a result of Mr Daly's actions the emergency vehicle, which has only one purpose, which is of course to serve the public who are in need, was taken out of service by the registrant and made unavailable."

Daly, who did not attend the hearing, is facing one count of misconduct with the Health and Care Professions Council.

In a written statement Mr Daly asked the panel to consider health problems as a mitigating factor, as well as an incident involving a call to a fire in 2009 that had a "profound" effect on him.


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