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Parasail father 'joked about fall'

The daughter of a man who plunged 150ft to his death in a parasailing accident has said that moments before the fall her father joked about what would happen if the harness snapped.

Glenn Hudson, 50, persuaded his daughter, Emma, to take part in the tandem parasail over the resort of Side on Saturday, reassuring her it would be a serene and safe experience.

As the pair floated above the Turkish beach, he spoke of how "lovely" and "peaceful" the experience was - before suddenly dropping to his death.

Miss Hudson, 25, said she had never imagined that his harness - which was apparently damaged by the sun - would give way. She said she was worried that her own harness was not properly attached, but her father, a roof tiler from Colchester, Essex, told her to relax.

She said: "He was having a joke with me. I asked what would happen if you hit the water from that height, and he said 'You wouldn't survive it, anyway'. I said 'Thanks for reassuring me, Dad!'"

Miss Hudson, a sales manager, said: "It didn't seem like it was happening. It was just like a dream. I was screaming, but it was like the noise wasn't coming from me."

Mr Hudson's son, Benn, 22, had gone shopping with his girlfriend at the time of the accident, while his wife, Linda Hudson, 51, was sunbathing on the beach.

She said: "All of a sudden, I heard my daughter screaming for me. She ran up to me and said 'Dad's fallen'. She kept saying 'He fell, he fell'. But it never registered he could have fallen that far."

The pair rushed to the area where Mr Hudson had fallen. Mrs Hudson said she asked Turkish men there if her husband was dead. "He just said 'Yes, he is'. I just started screaming. Emma was nearly hyperventilating. I thought she was going to faint," she said.

Turkish police are investigating the accident, and Mrs Hudson said she was told that the hire company would be prosecuted. Mr Hudson's body has not yet been returned to England as post-mortem examinations are still being carried out in Turkey.


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