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Parents 'anxious' at young drivers

Parents of young people are anxious about their offspring driving - with nearly three quarters in favour of probationary licences being given to new drivers.

In a survey conducted ahead of the Government Green Paper on improving young drivers' safety, 82% of those questioned said the thought of their child driving on British roads made them feel anxious. A total of 60% said that was because of their lack of experience.

Of the 1,000 parents of 16 to 24-year-olds questioned, 69% said more needs to be done to keep young people safe on the roads.

One popular measure suggested was the introduction of a 12-month probationary licence as well as green P plates, with 73% in favour. It was also suggested that the legal age for driving be raised to 18, and 63% said they thought it should be.

A total of 68% of parents said they thought the number of passengers in a car should be restricted for younger people.

Tom Moss, technical director at insurer Allianz UK, which commissioned the survey, said: "I do not think there is a silver bullet solution to this problem and the views of parents would seem to endorse this.

"There are so many interested parties in agreement on the fact that youth and inexperience behind the wheel can no longer be allowed to cost the lives and cause injury to so many people on Britain's roads.

" In my view, what needs to be imposed is a basket of measures that tackle both training and behaviour once young drivers pass their test. The toll on our young people, as well as on their families and friends, makes this a top priority for our society to deal with."


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