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Parents bemoan cost of summer holidays

By Vicky Shaw

Parents find summer holidays more expensive than Christmas for keeping their children fed and entertained, says research.

A survey among parents of children aged between three and 13 years old found that, on average, parents expect to spend £1,445 per child on activities over the summer holidays - around £408 more per child than during the Christmas break.

The parents were asked to estimate how much they will spend on activities such as trips to the cinema, play dates with friends, meals out, food shopping and summer clubs.

The survey, carried out for Epson printers, found parents in London and Edinburgh plan to spend the most on average, approaching £2,000 per child. Belfast came in at £1,051.

Parents in Southampton expect to spend the least on meals and activities during the summer holidays, the research found, at £742 on average.

The research among 2,000 parents also found most admitted to running out of ideas for how to entertain their children by the third week of the long summer break.

Annika Fagerstrom, consumer director for Epson UK, said: "Our research found that summer school holidays are far more expensive than Christmas, when parents say they spend an average of £1,037.

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