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Parliament screening for riots film

A documentary featuring the events leading up to last year's London riots - including the shooting of Mark Duggan - has been screened at the Houses of Parliament.

Riot from Wrong is an hour-long documentary featuring interviews from 60 people, including looters, rioters, youth workers and police officers, as well as Mr Duggan's friends.

Tottenham MP David Lammy, who viewed the screening, voiced his support for the documentary.

He said: "I've lived with this for a very long time. There are some people from Tottenham who want to move on with their lives and don't want a stigma attached to them and the area, so it's a complicated journey."

The MP, who was also interviewed as part of the documentary, praised the the filmmakers and the documentary's efforts to project a voice for London's youth. He added: "I do think that the youth context here is really important, and obviously it would be very good if this could be screened on national television."

Mr Duggan, 29, was shot dead by police in Tottenham, London on August 4 2011. A public protest demanding answers into the circumstances of Mr Duggan's death two days later escalated into the first full-scale riot across North London suburbs.

Five people were killed in the riots which spread across the country to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

Mr Duggan's family did not attend the screening, but have previously viewed the documentary.

Teddy Knight, the film's director said: "In Tottenham, Mark Duggan's mum and all of his brothers and all of his sisters were there. To say you can imagine wouldn't be fair at all but it was extremely painful for his mum to watch, specifically the beginning of the film.

"She had to leave the cinema, but she came back and at the end of the film they gave us their blessing. Pam, Mark's mum, said that she actually had been given a little bit of hope. For us as an organisation we were committed to looking deeper and looking at the other side of things. That was an extremely important and very moving day."


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