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Parliament’s emergency plan for Mumbai-style attack

Parliamentary authorities have drawn up contingency plans to deal with the threat of a Mumbai-style armed attack on the Palace of Westminster, it was disclosed last night.

An email circulated to all staff working in the House of Commons and the House of Lords stressed that there is currently no “specific threat” to Parliament, but that measures were in place to respond if an attack did occur.

The email from the senior Commons official responsible for security, the Serjeant at Arms Jill Pay, and her counterpart in the Lords, the acting Black Rod Ted Lloyd-Jukes, said the plan had been drawn up in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

“An armed attack on Parliament would result in casualties and significant confusion,” it states.

“The latest MPS advice is that |an effective contingency plan should concentrate on evacuating

members, staff and visitors out of the estate and away from danger. Neutralising the threat will be a role for armed police officers.”

The disclosure of the plan comes after it emerged earlier this year that Western intelligence agencies were investigating a suspected al Qaida plot to mount attacks in major European cities.

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