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Parties reveal candidates for European Parliament election

The poll is due to be held on May 23.

The European elections are due to be held on May 23 (PA)
The European elections are due to be held on May 23 (PA)

Some of Scotland’s main political parties have revealed their candidate lists for the European Parliament elections.

Incumbent Baroness Nosheena Mobarik is top of the list for the Conservatives, followed by Edinburgh businessman Iain McGill and Borders councillor Shona Haslam.

Others on the list are Iain Whyte, Andrea Gee and Michael Kusznir.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have also unveiled their candidate list, headed by party convener Sheila Ritchie.

Human rights lawyer Fred Mackintosh is second on the list, followed by Borders councillor Catriona Bhatia, daughter of former party leader Sir David Steel.

Vita Zaporozcenko, John Edward and Clive Sneddon have also been chosen as candidates for the election, which is due to be held on May 23.

Parties rank their preferred six candidates, with the number elected proportional to the share of votes received.

The SNP plans to reveal its candidates at the party conference in Edinburgh next weekend, while the Scottish Greens are also due to announce their list next week.

Scottish Labour announced David Martin MEP tops its list, followed by former MSP Jayne Baxter and political and community activist Craig Miller.

The party has also put forward Amy Lee Fraioli MSYP, former Aberdeen South candidate Callum O’Dwyer and trade unionist Angela Bretherton.

In addition to Baroness Mobarik, Scotland’s current MEPs are Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton for the SNP, Labour’s David Martin and ex-Ukip member David Coburn.

Labour’s Catherine Stihler, a former St Andrews University rector, stood down last month.



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