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Party time in Kate's home village

Residents of the village where the Duchess of Cambridge grew up said they are overjoyed with the news that one of their own is a future king.

John Haley, owner of the Old Boot Inn near the Duchess's parents' home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, said: "It's just amazing news. When we heard the announcement it was a boy, the place just exploded."

Mr Haley, who attended the royal wedding in 2011, added: "We are all having a massive party, it's a great atmosphere and it's all kicked off. It's great that Kate and her son are doing well."

The Duchess's former music teacher Daniel Nicholls, who taught her piano from 11 to 14 and who still lives near Bucklebury, said: "It's absolutely amazing news. I think they are going to be wonderful parents.

"I believe they are going to come here to the village with the child and I know that Kate's parents Michael and Carole will be a great support. Is he too young to start learning the piano? Maybe in the future..."

Hash Shingadia, who runs Peaches Stores in Upper Bucklebury and who went to the royal wedding, said: "We are overjoyed and absolutely happy for Kate and the Duke and also for the grandparents.

"The baby was born healthy, which is what everyone wanted. The village has been waiting in anticipation now for a week or more for news so to hear it means everyone here is overjoyed."

Chairwoman of Bucklebury Parish Council Wynne Frankum said: "I think we are all highly delighted that the baby has arrived and that both are well. When a baby arrives, there is always a sigh of relief.

"We are very, very pleased that she wants to be at home. I think a lot of mothers want to be at home after a baby has arrived.

"We hope that she is allowed to enjoy the first precious weeks with her baby in peace. We are very protective of them here in Bucklebury."


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