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Patient satisfaction rates differ

Some hospitals in England leave patients feeling more satisfied with their operation than others, a new report shows.

Almost 140,000 patients reported on the success of their surgery and how much health benefit they gained for common procedures including groin hernia operations, knee and hip replacements and varicose vein removal.

The results, published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), showed some hospitals performing better than others and high readmission rates for some procedures.

Between 23% and 33% of the procedures resulted in a complication, while readmission rates varied from 5% to 10% of cases.

Some 5% of patients having varicose vein surgery were readmitted and 15% required further surgery, the data showed.

Almost 10% of those having a knee replacement were readmitted and 4% needed further surgery while 8% of people having a hip replaced were readmitted and 3% needed another operation.

The figures were 6% and 16% for those needing groin hernia surgery.

With regards to hip replacements, two NHS providers scored significantly better than average in 2011/12 while three scored significantly worse.

With knee replacements, three scored significantly worse, and with g roin hernia surgery, one unit performed worse and one performed significantly worse.


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