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Pc admits Gerrard CCTV charge

A policewoman has admitted misconduct in a public office in obtaining CCTV footage of an alleged disturbance near to the home of Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard.

Helen Jones, 31, is said to have acted for "criminal or illegal purposes" on the behalf of others, Preston Crown Court heard.

It has previously been reported an altercation took with place with another man after Gerrard, 34, got out of his Range Rover in Formby, Merseyside, last August.

Jones was on a sabbatical from Merseyside Police at the time of the offence and misrepresented that she was on duty as a police constable.

The CCTV recording is understood to have been obtained from a bank in Chapel Lane on August 8.

Jones, who resigned from the force last December, was due to go on trial today but changed her plea.

Richard Haworth, prosecuting, said the Crown did not accept the basis of plea.

He said: "The Crown say that this whole enterprise by the defendant was carried out for in effect criminal or illegal purposes to be carried out by others, not necessarily the defendant.

"Her role was to perpetrate criminal and illegal matters, so the defendant's explanation in law in why she acted is very much in issue."

Mr Haworth said Jones was "deceitful" on a number of occasions.

She had told lies in police interview about a key to a property where she was staying in London, the prosecutor said.

She was also deceptive in a prepared statement to the police and a later defence statement for the court proceedings, said Mr Haworth.

Mr Haworth said: "She was deceitful, say the Crown, when she set out her defence in a defence statement in denying any involvement in the matter and seeking to set up a defensive alibi."

Roderick Jones, defending, said it was his client's position that she did not obtain the footage for a criminal purpose.

He said: "Our position is absolutely contrary to that. This was not an act of criminality, save that Miss Jones accepts she acted completely improprerly in the way she admits in her basis of plea.

"This was a rather naïve gross misjudgment, rather than anything else."

Jones, from Colchester Close, Chatham, Kent, was released on bail to attend a further hearing next Wednesday when a trial of issue on her plea may take place and she may give evidence.

Last year, the Sunday Mirror reported that Gerrard was named in legal papers lodged at the High Court by a man claiming damages following the alleged disturbance.

The newspaper said the civil case had been launched by Paul Alan Lloyd and had named Gerrard, his wife, Alex, 32, and the footballer's friend, Lee McPartland, as defendants.


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