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Peggy waves goodbye to Walford

Tearful Peggy Mitchell has walked out of Albert Square for the final time - after turning down the pleas of her crack addict son Phil to stay.

The pub landlady quit Walford - ending Barbara Windsor's 16-year stint on BBC One's EastEnders - with emotional goodbyes to her precious family.

She cast one last look at the blackened shell of the fire-ravaged Queen Vic before walking out of the Square for good to rebuild her life, after assuring Phil: "I'll be fine."

The finale for Peggy followed a gripping instalment on Thursday night in which she escaped the burning pub after Phil (Steve McFadden) set it alight.

In Friday's poignant edition, viewers saw Peggy attempt to tie up loose ends and repair some of the damage wreaked by her wayward son. She paid a visit to Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) in hospital, urging her to take the blame for the fire. And she found out that niece Ronnie (Samantha Womack) was pregnant with her longed-for child.

The matriarch then begged Phil to go away with her but, when he refused to leave Walford, she made up her mind to start afresh without him, saying it was for his sake.

His pleas for her to stay fell on deaf ears and, with him lurching after her repeating "Mum", she delivered her final line on the soap with a tear in her eye: "Go back inside, love. Go on, I'll be fine. Go on, darling, go back inside."

A specially reworked version of the EastEnders theme tune, called Peggy's Theme, accompanied her exit during her final scene.


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