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Perjury file over Lawrence trial

Prosecutors are considering allegations of perjury against certain witnesses in the Stephen Lawrence trial, it has emerged.

Police presented a file to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) last week and discussions about whether to bring charges for perverting the course of justice are continuing.

Sources said police presented the file to the CPS in the interests of completeness.

A CPS spokesman said: "We have received 'initial papers' from the police in relation to potential perjury allegations during the Lawrence trial.

"It would be fair to describe this as 'pre investigation' of these specific matters and we will continue to talk to police about this issue.

"This is not a file of evidence for our consideration of charges. It is part of ongoing liaison in relation to all issues in this case."

Gary Dobson and David Norris were convicted in January this year of murdering Mr Lawrence in 1993.

Dobson, 36, had claimed he was at his parents' home at the time of the racist killing, while Norris, 35, could not recall where he had been.

The pair are now both seeking to challenge their convictions.

Dobson was given a minimum jail term of 15 years and two months after being found guilty of murder by an Old Bailey jury, while Norris was told he must serve at least 14 years and three months.


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