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Peter Stringfellow: Some of his most memorable quotes

The club owner died from cancer aged 77.

Peter Stringfellow said some amazing things (PA)
Peter Stringfellow said some amazing things (PA)

Nightclub mogul Peter Stringfellow had plenty to say on Brexit, women and of course sex.

Here are some of his memorable quotes from over the years.

On his celebrity clientele: “My favourite guest was Stephen Hawking. I was so excited when he came in and I wanted to talk to him about the universe. But when I asked him what he wanted he just said, ‘Girls’.”  (The Evening Standard from Stringfellow’s conversation at The London Chat Show, 2011)

Professor Stephen Hawking (Joe Giddens/PA)

On claims that he had slept with 2,000 women: “I’ve been around a long time, man. Just by the sheer weight of years you’re going to have a bunch of girls in your background.” (The Guardian, 2000)

On Europe: “These people are young entrepreneurs themselves and they’re going forward. They come from all around Europe. This is one of the reasons of course I’m a Remainer. … I like those European people to come and earn money in my club. The English are more than welcome too.”(Talking to Mary Beard on a ‘first date’ set up by the Victoria Derbyshire programme)

Peter Stringfellow joked that he looked like Jude Law (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

Quipping about being a great catch for women: “I am wonderful, with a perfect physique, very charming, rich and look like Jude Law.” (Metro, 2009)

His thoughts on what men find attractive and how women have changed over the years: “Men don’t want to see ribs, they don’t find that attractive. They used to have real breasts, now some don’t.” (Mail On Sunday, 2015)

On sex: “The majority of people who say they are having the best sex in the world are usually lying and some nights that goes for me.”



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