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Petrol prices soar to record high

Fuel prices at the pumps have reached new record highs, with diesel passing the 140p a litre mark for the first time, the AA has said.

The average cost of petrol is now 133.46p a litre, with diesel at 140.01p a litre.

The figures come the day before Chancellor George Osborne is expected to announce in the Budget that he is scrapping the planned April rise in fuel duty.

Drivers were paying 116.71p a litre for petrol and 117.42p for diesel a year ago. By the start of this year, prices had climbed to 125.19p a litre for petrol and 129.30p for diesel.

AA president Edmund King said: "A 10p rise in the pump price of diesel since the start of the year, equivalent to an extra £5 for even the smallest of tanks, is a staggering extra burden on private and business drivers.

"Millions are desperate for the Chancellor to provide some relief through shelving the fuel duty increase scheduled for April 1.

"What clearer signal does the Chancellor need that action is needed now. Today's record fuel prices say it all."

RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink said: "Today's new record high is clear sign that the Chancellor has to do something in the Budget to control the price of fuel.

"Firstly, the planned fuel duty rise of inflation plus 1p has to be scrapped. On top of this, a mechanism has to be put in place to control the cost of fuel.

"These spiralling prices at the pumps are crippling family budgets and hitting the economy hard."


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