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Photo-shoot fire volunteer sacked

A fire service volunteer has been axed after posing in her uniform for a "smoking-hot" photo-shoot.

Clare Deloughrey, 26, was pictured slipping out of her kit in snaps on a photographer's website.

But some of the photos showed the logo of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) - and got the bosses hot under the collar who decided the images did not fit in with their "brand".

Miss Deloughrey, from Prestwich, near Manchester, who models part-time, has now been relieved of her voluntary job doing community work for the service, including fitting smoke alarms and giving safety advice.

Clare is named "Firewoman Clare Louise" on the photographer's website - which appeared to have crashed through internet traffic after the story became public.

Miss Deloughrey is featured returning home after a shift with black paint on her face. Various items of clothes, including GMFRS-issue kit, is removed before Miss Deloughrey gets into the shower.

Miss Deloughrey, who is due to be married in two months, has said fire chiefs have over-reacted and suggested there were double-standards at play - as male firefighters who had posed for raunchy calendars had not been sacked.

She said fire service bosses arrived at her house in Prestwich and handed her a letter sacking her, before seizing her badge and uniform.

A statement from GMFRS said: "We would like to thank Clare for the work she did for us as a volunteer. We have a fantastic team of volunteers and one of the best volunteering schemes in the country and we're glad Clare enjoyed her time with us.

"What our staff do in their private lives is a matter for them - however when they do so using our brand, they are representing our organisation."


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