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Piers Morgan wishes he was 'more offensive' about Britain First deputy leader



Jayda Fransen court case

Jayda Fransen court case

Jayda Fransen court case

Piers Morgan has replied on Twitter to Jayda Fransen's accusation that he misrepresented her views to Donald Trump and that he owed her an apology.

The breakfast presenter took to Twitter to reply to the far-right group's deputy leader.

He wrote: "Here's my apology to her: 'Sorry I wasn't more offensive about you.' 

The deputy leader of far-right group Britain First earlier claimed Donald Trump was “railroaded” into offering to apologise for retweeting her videos.

In an interview with ITV’s Morgan, Mr Trump said he knew “nothing” about Britain First before sharing three of its videos in November.

Far-right leader says Trump ‘railroaded’ into apology offer over video retweets

She said: “In this instance he (Morgan) has completely misled the president of the United States by claiming that I am something I am not.

“I have challenged Piers Morgan to sit down with me and to discuss these absolutely horrific accusations that I am a horrible nasty racist – something I wholeheartedly refute.

“Let’s have a civilised discussion, let’s not mislead people and let’s not proclaim to represent the entire UK by saying that I am a horrible racist, I should be condemned.”

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