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Placenta remedy pill for Coleen Rooney


Capsules: Coleen Rooney

Capsules: Coleen Rooney


Capsules: Coleen Rooney

Coleen Rooney has decided to eat her own placenta following the recent birth of her son Kit.

Wayne Rooney's wife will be eating the afterbirth, which has been converted into capsules and sent back to her in a jar.

The pills are from a "placenta encapsulation specialist", which says the product helps new mothers "recover from birth with the most natural remedy around".

While there was speculation that she was following Hollywood star Kim Kardashian's example, she was adamant she had not heard about the celebrity connection. She tweeted: "Yeh it was a friend who recommended it to me, never heard of it before. Thank you. And less of the rumours ha!!"

She gave birth to Kit on Sunday, a brother for Kai and Klay.

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