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Plaintiff wants to meet jailed Hall

One of the women allegedly assaulted by Stuart Hall said she wants to meet the disgraced broadcaster face to face to challenge him about his "despicable" behaviour.

The woman, identified by the false name Jane to protect her identity, described Hall as "a disgrace" and hit out at a BBC crew who she says looked the other way when she says she was attacked in the early 1980s.

As well as the harsher sentence handed down and compensation she is pursuing through a civil claim, Jane said she wants the 83-year-old to explain himself to his victims.

She told BBC 5 Live radio: "Stuart Hall has not shown any remorse whatsoever and I feel that he should be made to be accountable and he should be made to be accountable face to face with any of the victims who would be willing to put him through that process.

"His modus operandi was to isolate the women who he chose to abuse. He chose to make them as vulnerable as they possibly could be and what I would like to see is that he is vulnerable in the face of his victims and made to answer questions such as what made him think he could behave in such a way, how come he thought it was ok to abuse women and children as well?"

Jane was a 24-year-old who had been invited to watch Hall shoot hit show It's A Knockout abroad when she claims he tried to corner her for sex.

Then in his 50s, Hall first acted in a "charming and avuncular" way before making a pass at her on a sunbathing terrace. When she rejected his advances he first apologised, saying it was a "one-off", before chasing her into a hotel and "forceably" trying to get into her room, she said.

"I was mostly repulsed, I thought he was absolutely despicable and a disgrace - I did feel he was using his position - somebody who was famous - to be predatory," Jane said.

"I have reflected back and I think there were other young women as part of that BBC crew. I ask myself why didn't any one of them say to me 'look, if I was you I would just be a bit careful, don't let yourself get on your own with Stuart Hall'.

"But they didn't , nobody gave me any warning and it is now quite clear that Hall's colleagues did know exactly what his behaviour was like and seemed to go along with it."


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