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Plastic surgery 'party' condemned

A plastic surgery "party" with a £4,000 top prize has been condemned as "insane" and "depraved" by leading surgeons.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said the monthly events hosted by Sarah Burge - dubbed "the human Barbie" - trivialise cosmetic procedures.

Transpire Cosmetic Surgery, whose head office is in Birmingham, is sponsoring the events, which will start in London later this month.

The "My Big Fat Plastic Surgery Prize Draw" party includes a bar open until 1am and resident DJs. People will pay £25 each for "high class partying with attractive prizes from the world of plastic surgery," the website says.

It declares: "This new theme plastic surgery and party concept is the way forward and is based on our society's fascination for all things in life that are beautiful and an object of desire."

Runner-up prizes include injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers, teeth whitening, semi-permanent make-up and pole dancing lessons.

Fazel Fatah, plastic surgeon and president of BAAPS, said: ""We are now seeing a new level of insanity and depravity in the way certain cosmetic surgery providers market and promote their services: life-changing, serious surgical procedures being raffled in an alcohol-fuelled evening extravaganza.

"I call upon the Government to ban all advertising of cosmetic surgery and prohibit inducements and offers of any kind of surgery as a lottery prize."

Beryl Atkins, director of Transpire, defended the event and said the winner would need to pass strict screening before undergoing any surgery.

"The surgery will not take place until the person has a full consultation direct with the surgeon," she said. "They will also not be put forward unless they pass pre-anaesthetic screening to say they are fit and healthy for the surgery."


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