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Plea for ‘Team UK’ to contest London Games

The UK Olympics team name should not be shortened to “Team GB”, MPs have said.

Sporting authorities were urged to rename the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team as “Team UK” in time for the London Games in 2012.

A Commons motion tabled by the DUP's Olympics spokesman Gregory Campbell was signed by five other MPs, including Labour's Kate Hoey.

Mr Campbell pointed to the “continuing issue of the name of the team from this country which has the title of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team”.

He “recognises that this is frequently shortened to Team GB” and “welcomes the fact that the Mayor of London has recently concurred with the sensible consensus which is emerging that the team should be more succinctly renamed as Team UK”.

The motion “expresses the hope that this will be acted on by the relevant sporting authorities in time for the Olympic celebrations”.

It was signed by the DUP's Jim Shannon, David Simpson and Nigel Dodds, as well as Tory Andrew Percy.

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